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Performance Assessment Frameworks, M&E Systems and Training, Studies & Research.

Some of our M&E Consultancies


Senior M&E Adviser, DFAT, Timor-Leste

Engaged to support an internal DFAT initiative to improve the quality and value of M&E across the whole Timor-Leste aid program (approximately $60 million per year). Provided technical advice to DFAT program managers, counsellors and advisers concerning the various sectoral investments on design logic, M&E system planning, M&E method appraisal and program quality across all investments in the aid portfolio; facilitated program management and M&E training of DFAT and implementing partner staff; developed internal M&E guidance and resources; facilitated the consultative analytical process leading to DFAT’s current Aid Investment Plan (AIP).


Team Leader, DFAT, Impact Assessment Team, Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII)

Led a team of three evaluators in assessing the performance of DFAT’s Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) (approximately $330 million) with investments in transport, water, sanitation and policy/investment. In particular assessed the extent of policy influence among Government of Indonesia counterparts.

M&E Specialist, DFAT, Civil Society WASH Fund

One of three members of the Monitoring Evaluation and Review Panel (MERP) responsible for designing and administering the performance and quality arrangements for a global fund (approximately $103 million) comprising 29 WASH projects implemented in 19 countries by 13 civil society organisations working to improve the quality and sustainability of water, sanitation and hygiene services throughout Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific.



M&E Specialist/Researcher, Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE)

One of two researchers engaged to review a sample of eight investment-level M&E frameworks from across Australia’s aid program to identify key factors contributing to success/failure, to inform M&E policy and guidance.

M&E Specialist/Researcher, DFAT, Infrastructure Section (Canberra)

Worked with the Institute for Sustainable Futures to review M&E frameworks for all major DFAT infrastructure investments in recent years and assimilated examples of good practice in performance and impact measurement. Drafted the Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) and associated guidance for DFAT’s thematic group, and contributed to the Department’s first Performance Assessment Note (PAN). Researched and drafted two Good Practice case studies of socio economic impact assessment supported by DFAT in Timor-Leste and Indonesia.


Team Leader, DFAT, Timor-Leste, Independent Completion Review (ICR), ‘BESIK’

Led the final evaluation of the Australia East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (RWSSP) known as ‘BESIK’ In Tetum. The process was rated ‘Outstanding’ (6) by DFAT and the report is showcased by the Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) as a ‘Good Practice Example’.